Drug/Alcohol Testing

Meridian provides BWC and DOT compliant services. Complete drug and alcohol testing services are available at our offices or at your location... read more

Occupational Health

Your employees’ time is valuable: let us drive to you! Meridian offers both on-site employment and sports physicals by a highly qualified team of physicians... read more

Workforce Wellness

A healthy workforce is a productive
workforce. We address a wide
spectrum of services that enable
reliable, healthy and committed
employees within any industry setting... read more


  • How do I start employee
    drug testing?

    Policy development should always be your drug test-
    ing starting point.Meridian Work-Life can help you with all aspects of designing, implementing and carrying out your workplace drug and alcohol testing procedures.
  • Which method should I use?
    WorkLife by Meridian offers a full range of testing products including breathalyzers and urine drug testing. The method of drug testing that you choose will be dependent on your drug and alcohol testing policy.
  • How do you measure alcohol?
    We use Digital Alcometers, and can administer an 80-hr. alcohol test that provides an accurate reading of both current and prior use.
  • How long after a drug is taken does it remain detectable?
    This varies from substance to substance but it typically between a few days and a few weeks. Specific timescales for any drug as well as further technical information is available upon request.
  • Can the tests be cheated?
    Our testing procedure includes several countermeasures to foil the most common ways of cheating a drug test making it all but impossible to obtain a fraudulent result.
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